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Department of Botany .


# To maintain a harmonious relationship with the students .
# To create most conducive environment to the students that they would fore-cost the ultimate goals of their studies in future.
# To make students hard working and inculcate innovation and creativity.
# To nurse a Botanical Garden in the department for the benefit of the students for a practical assessment of Botanical inventory which would create an experimental process .


# To achieve value-oriented and fact-finding results.
# To create environment for research studies in a particular subject of students choice.
# To make students aware of the need for taking in to consideration of Global Warming and Climate change.
# To provide awareness to the students on career completion and research aptitude.
# To expand the frontiers of knowledge to serve the society.
# To build confidence and enhance opportunities to the rural students for their successful career.
# To organize conferences and seminars on current Ecological problems that will be of benefit to the community.



History of the Department1Year of Establishment2008-20092.Number of Sanctioned Posts013.Number of Present Position014.No of Teachers & Students1:305.The year when the curriculum was revised last2016-17Strengths of the Department
Experienced Faculty