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Mission & Vision

Bring out the best in man is Education—M.K.Gandhi
Education is character formation—-Vivekananda
The future of India is shaped in the four walls of the classroom�Nehru

Above are the three set slogans that always inspire the vision of Sri. YKR & K college. These infact, determine our defining the aim of education, deciding the teaching, learning process and finally delivering the best possible out comes. The college aims at producing holistic individuals with comprehensive outlook.
Our endeavour is —
# To produce young men and women graduates who will be willingly taking up the responsibility of national building.
# Competent individuals who will be able to compete for jobs in the globalized market.
# Young men and women with social responsibility, democratic consciousness, environmental awareness and secular outlook.


# To provide the best quality learning experiences to the students.
# To adopt latest techniques, methodologies and technologies like ICT,e-learning,Tele-lessons.
# To develop analytical skills among the students through project works, field experience, industrial visits and on-job trainings.
# To create an intellectually stimulating academic environment.
# To adopt teaching techniques that actively involve students in the learning process.
# To involve students in community activities.
# To train them in the areas of health, financial, legal literacies.
# To get them close to the digital technology in order to produce smart citizens.
# To plan activities that bring society into college and college into society.
#To organize district level seminars on the topics most relevant to the present.


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